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Step 6: Arms assembly - leather washer

Picture of Arms assembly - leather washer

We are still missing a few parts for the folding arms: a small walnut spacer to hide the screw and keep the arms away (see picture). Mine is 12 mm wide, but it will depend on your arm thickness.

Two more small pieces of walnut are drilled and are used as guide for the cable. They are cut to the width of the arm and inserted between the arm. No glue, pressure is enough to hold them in place.

Once we have all parts, the assembly is pretty straightforward.

For each articulation the screw and locknut will apply enough pressure to hold everything in place...but we want the arms to fold.

The magic piece here is a leather washer. With a leather washer between all steel parts of the articulations, we have a smooth folding.

The leather washer can be replaced by an equivalent plumbing washer but the result is not as smooth.

I made washers from the leather of my dead Birkenstock...drill, cut and finish on the lathe.