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Step 7: Shade

The head of the lamp is made from a block of wood that I opened first, carve (in order to have the interior ready) glue back as a block and turn it to final shape.

the overall process I followed is:

  • cut in two parts (the head is bigger than half of the bock. I kept 8cm out of a 12 cm block)
  • draw the desired shape
  • clamp and use a router to have a clean cut against the inside line. I did it free hand with small steps, going deeper and deeper
  • carve the remaining/inaccessible wood with chisels
  • use a paper template to verify how deep you have to go
  • sand
  • I also roughly carved the opposite block in order to keep the block balanced as much as possible to avoid trouble on the lathe due to an unbalanced piece.
  • before gluing, measure the start and end of your head to know exactly how close you can go when removing wood.
  • the two blocks are glued back together and I used a sheet of paper between the two: it will be strong enough to turn but it will allow an easy separation once the egg is turned.
  • turn to shape (use paper template to verify)
  • open the egg....