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Step 9: Yakisugi - Shou Sugi Ban finish

Picture of Yakisugi - Shou Sugi Ban finish

This nice deep dark finish is performed in three steps:

  • burn the surface
    • Yakisugi finish is not unique and will depend on how much you burn. I should try before applying to you final project...
    • For lime tree I observed that when the wood start to burn by itself it is burn far enough. The wood should be uniformly black.
  • brush with a brass brush
    • the wood is now brushed (no sanding), follow the wood grain.
    • The wood will loose its black color (at least it is the case for lime tree) and turn dark brown. Do not worry, the next step will bring back the nice black.
  • apply linseed oil
    • and let is dry for a couple of hours.
    • surprisingly, once dried, the surface will be stable and will not leave any char on your hands when you touch it.