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Picture of PIWOOLET (Pi.WOOd.tabLET):  Just an Other PI Tablet

Intro - why did I realize that?

The answer is so simple : just for fun :-)

A few of my main goals

  • maintain access to the HDMI port;
  • maintain access to the audio output;
  • maintain access to the GPIO;
  • maintain access to at least one USB port.



Between the first try, and the end, it took me about 75 hours.

Step 1: Using Wood ...

Picture of Using Wood ...

In the cleat (9mm*38mm*2m) :

  • 2 pieces with the following dimensions : 18,85 mm * 38mm
  • 2 pieces with the following dimensions : 10,6 mm * 38mm

In corner wand (9mm*38mm*2m) :

  • 4 pieces of 38mm height.
robbymcgee8 months ago
Your woodworking skills are superior man. So I was wondering about the HDMI port, so technically you could still use an external monitor if desired, correct?
D3ni3d (author)  robbymcgee8 months ago
Hi Robby ;-)
Thanks for your comment !
And yes, you're right : I can plug it and use an external monitor -> it was one of my main goals :)
keets11 months ago

Really beautifull!

What is the weight of the tablet, now it is finnished?

D3ni3d (author)  keets11 months ago

Hi Keets !

Thanks a lot for your comment : the weight is about 850 gr ... I'm far away from a "classic" tablet : but ... classic tablets aren't made of wood ... and didn't have any GPIO port ^^

keets D3ni3d11 months ago

Hello D3ni3D!

Thanks, 850 is not to bad in my opnion. Yes yours is made of wood and has a GPIO port.

On the other hand there is a lot of things you don't have: Android troubles! I like the idea to run at Raspian and have full control over updates etc.

BobM14911 months ago

Great job on the tablet, the quality on the woodwork looks great! Just one question/comment... In step 2, you appear to be about ~10 years old, in step 6 your enjoying a cold Octoberfest beer......???

D3ni3d (author)  BobM14911 months ago

Hi BobM149 !

Loool ^^

Thanks a lot for your comment :-)

In step 2, my son is helping me ... while in step 6, I take care of honoring the Oktoberfest ;-)

allen11 months ago

Would it be much of an issue to use a 10" touch screen? I see Amazon's got those for about $125.

D3ni3d (author)  allen11 months ago


To be honest and If I had to do a new one, I would probably choose a more large screen.
In the other hand, choosing the original Raspberry LCD, I was sure of its compatibility : I think this is really the only point of attention, cause thez aven't got all the same connector ...

This looks really nice. Pro grade craftsmansdhip.

D3ni3d (author)  DIY Hacks and How Tos11 months ago

Hi Jason !
Thanks a lot for your comment :-)