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Picture of Kids Bunny Necklace - easter jewelry

This is DIY tutorial for beautiful paper bunny necklace for kids.

Its a Easter jewellery, though it is more suitable for kids, but some of my friends, also love this cute pendant and want for themselves..

This is also entry for "2019 Jewellery Contest", so if you feel its interesting, please vote. So lets start, the easy beautiful bunny pendant..

Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
  1. 3 mm quilling paper ( green, whitish grey, orange, baby pink)
  2. Quilling tools
  3. Craft clear glue (its clear when dry)

  4. Jump ring, leather necklace cord
This is so adorable :)
koushikimehra (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 months ago
Thank you