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Picture of Kit-Bashed Plague Doctor Miniature Model

My friends and I just wrapped up our latest Dungeon's & Dragons campaign, and we've been planning the next one. Our DM wants us to try out 6 characters for the first few months before we dive into a long term campaign. I think this is a pretty cool move, because you can make sure the character you're going to have for the next 1-2 years is flight tested and ready. Once we've play tested our characters over the initial trial period, we'll pick just one.

For the first one, I came up with kind of a bizarre character concept - a doctor/physician that loses everyone he loves to a plague, and becomes completely obsessed with finding a cure. He sells everything he owns and joins the monastic society that sponsors his former university. At the monastery, he continues in his obsessive research and neglects self care. Late one night he's reaching for a simple tincture of iodine and his hand slips on the bottle, bringing an entire bookshelf of potions down on top of him. He's badly scarred and the elders at the monastery think he should find peace seeking the cure on the road. He takes his meager possessions, 10 gold pieces and dons the only vestments of his former life - a plague doctor's outfit. At that moment he loses a great deal of his humanity and becomes The Black Kestrel.

A character with a backstory that dark needs an equally awesome miniature for the table. Searching for 'Plague Doctor Miniatures' reveals a 54mm metal figurine - a scale much too big, and the Reaper Chronoscope Plague Doctor miniature. The Reaper miniature in my opinion is good, but I wanted something great. It's just a doctor holding a flask in a bird mask. That's it. Straight standing posture, like he/she's standing in a laboratory - and never going to travel out of his/her pox-stricken village.

That would never do for The Black Kestrel. As we wrapped up the campaign today, I realized I'd need a miniature soon, so I started searching for minis on my phone. I could take an existing miniature - a human-sized hooded figure carrying the right type of weapon, and kit bash it!

If you're curious about the character's class & race - he's a human cleric. If he makes the longterm cut, I want to take a few ranger levels so I can get an animal companion (hawk).

I have been binge-watching Black Magic Craft on YouTube and he's been really inspiring for me. I've been painting miniatures out of the box, no frills since December. I've wanted to level up my game so kit bashing a mini like BMC would be a good next step.

This episode was pretty inspiring to get me started working with Milliput.

Credit: Black Magic Craft - Custom Cadaver Collector Miniature for D&D (episode 093)

Since then I've wanted to kit bash my own miniature, so I'm glad I couldn't just find a plague doctor miniature I liked! ;-)

Step 1: Tools & Supplies

Picture of Tools & Supplies

I've included links for the 2 miniatures needed, but I'd highly suggest finding a local game or comic book store and visiting them. My local game shops provide a neat gaming culture scene and I love going to support them. Support local first!



  • Exacto/Hobby knives
  • Hobby saw
  • Needle files
  • Sculpting tools (use whatever you have on hand)
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint palette
  • Baking parchment paper & painters tape
  • A glass of water