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Picture of Kitchen Clock for Design Strategy

This is Kitchen Clock, a must have partner in your road to becoming the cooking connoisseur.

There are two parts, one telling the hour and another telling the minute.

Time is gold, so does food. Passion for deliciousness knows no time, but an excellent taste reveals the need for time.

Having no clock in the kitchen made our team to realize that there should be one at eye level. It must tell time, obviously and look stylish enough to blend in the kitchen.

So, we came up with this (these), the kitchen-friendly Kitchen Clock.

Step 1: Materials (technical part)

Picture of Materials (technical part)

Aside from the plate, there are technical parts. Making is easy. Find the motor and make it spin! Here are the steps:

Step#1: Choose motor. In this case, we chose Nema 17 (3.5v).

Step#2: Wire the motor and test it. In this case, we used Arduino Uno.

Step#3: Find and use codes to test out the motor. The code used for the minute display can be found in the basic example of Arduino IDE. As for the hour display, the code looks like this:




Stepper small_stepper(STEPS_PER_MOTOR_REVOLUTION, 2, 3, 4, 5);

int Steps2Take;

void setup()



void loop()




delay(354000); }

The original source for the code can be found in this link below:

Swansong1 year ago

I like that you added in chopsticks too, that is a cute idea :)