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Picture of Kitchen Island

My idea was to create an original kitchen island at a reasonable cost ... I did not necessarily want to make all the cabinet doors, so I came with this project.

I thought to myself, why not buy a cheap pre-made kitchen cabinet and build up my projet around !!

Step 1: Shelf Frame

Picture of Shelf Frame

The idea or design in my head consisted of a cabinet, with 3 shelves on the side.

I started by building the shelf frame. It was usefull to have the cabinet allready assemble to defined the width and the height for my shelf frame ...

Wood needed :

(2x) 2 3/4'' x 2 3/4'' x 30 1/4'' lg. for both corner. (Maple)

(3x) 1'' x 4'' x 24 1/2'' lg. (Pine)

I used a biscuit joiner and glued everything together in clamp.

PaulChau5 months ago
I have always wanted to build an island counter for my kitchen but thought they are just too bulky and take up too much unnecessary space. However, this cute yet practical size really changes my mind about it!
Simon_Cloutier (author)  PaulChau5 months ago
Happy to hear that this project inspired you ! Thanks for the comment !
markgrogan10 months ago
Kitchen islands should always be customized. They serve many other purposes apart from just providing storage space alone. Thus, if you have the opportunity DIY one yourself, then go ahead and do so! You can custom-made your seating area, storage size, and more!
Isn't a kitchen island a dear? I think it serves much more purpose than just storage alone. With wheels attached, it could also very well be a serving cabinet. In times to come, it could simply turn into a bar or anything that your creative mind could think of!
PeterS6312 months ago

Tempted to make it from scratch. Looks beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Simon_Cloutier (author)  PeterS6311 months ago

Thank you for your comment ! and I agree and encourage you ... it could be even better from scratch !

Tura Street11 months ago

This looks great. I love it. I love working with wood, and I actually have a woodshop. Thank you so much for the great idea. I need a small challenge to work on right now, and this is perfect. Good luck in the contest.

Simon_Cloutier (author)  Tura Street11 months ago

Thank you for your comment, I appreciate ! :-D ... and I encourage you to start your ''small'' challenge ...

IvliaB12 months ago

Very very nice but stuff in US must be expensive. For this price, allowing for currency exchange rates, I purchased 3 similar units for my kitchen. I do like this though and would seriously consider making something similar for my workroom. Cut outs on shelves make this individual, and home made is better when possible.

Kink Jarfold12 months ago

Nicely done Instructable. Such a great idea buying a cabinet and building around it. KJ

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chrismicolgan12 months ago

nice job and nice clear instructions. Looks great and way easier than i had considered

Simon_Cloutier (author)  chrismicolgan12 months ago

Thank you for your comment, and yes, quite easy projet for the result !

schreib12 months ago

Nice cabinet, more expensive than I would have figured. Do I understand you used NO screws or other fasteners, just glue?

Simon_Cloutier (author)  schreib12 months ago

Thank you for your comment ! In fact, I used small iron angle screwed to support the shelf rack (you can see it in some pictures) ... but it wasn't useful ... It was a biginer mistake :-| ... So yes, this can be done only with glued and I would recommended this way !