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Picture of Knot Board for Australian Cub Scouts

The purpose of the Knot Board is for it to be built as a Pack Night Activity, and for Cub Scouts to take home and practice their Boomerang Knot work.

  • This design was prepared by: Max P. - Assistant Cub Scout Leader at 1st Wantirna South Cub Scout Pack
  • The example was constructed by: Max H-B. - Cub Scout at Boronia Cub Scout Pack.
  • The supervision of construction and Instructable has been prepared by: Paul B. - Assistant Cub Scout Leader at Boronia Cub Scout Pack.

Step 1: Materials/Tools/Equiment

Picture of Materials/Tools/Equiment

You will need the following for each Knot Board;


  • Board x 1 (16 mm MDF 300 mm x 200 mm)
  • Para Cord x 2 colours (800 mm length of 6 mm)
  • Screws x 2 (9 mm countersunk screws)
  • PVA Glue
  • Masking Tape
  • Lamination Pouche
  • ISO A4 paper x 3
  • Heat shrink x 2 (25 mm)
  • Glad Wrap


  • Colour printer
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • Jigsaw
  • Clamps
  • Drill
  • Drill Bits - 20 mm spade bit, 6 mm drill bit, 2 mm drill bit.
  • Sandpaper - fine grit
  • Grinder (if required)
  • Extension lead
  • BBQ lighter
  • 90 mm DIA PVC Pipe (600 mm length)
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hearing Protection
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Ruler


  1. The quantities shown above are for the construction of one knot board. Either multiply out the quantities show to the number of boards you require for your Cub Pack, or review the standard sheet sizes of MDF and lengths of para cord to determine how many you can make in one batch.
  2. Cub Scouts should be supervised at all times when using power tools.

Example cost

When constructing the example Knot Boards for this Instructables the following materials where purchased to make 12 Knot Boards:

1 sheet of 16 mm x 1200 mm x 600 MDF = $12.11 (you may need to pay to get it cut at the hardware store)

2 x 6 mm of 10 m para cord = $16.00

Cable Heat shrink 1.2 m = $5.05

Lamination Pouches (Qty 25) $7.80

PVA Glue (1kg) = $13.88

Masking Tape (1 roll) = $3.85

Colour printing services (24 x $0.88) = $21.20

B&W template (1) = $0.07

Screws $5.65

Total = $85.53

Cost per Knot Board = $7.12 ea

TheTutor114 years ago
That's good work for cub scouts!
the_mini_guy (author) 5 years ago

Drohats, Thanks for the feedback.

I like the suggestion for routing the handle. However, I don't own a router and when I was planning this Instructable for a Pack Night Activity, I wanted to keep the list of equipment to a minimum.



the_mini_guy (author)  the_mini_guy4 years ago
Last night I ran a craft night at 8th Knox Cub Scouts. We had 4 tables set up with all the equipment.

Table 1 & 2
Lamination and glue station
1 leader

Table 3
Drilling station (3 drills; one for each drill bit)
2 leaders
Safety; only 2 cubs at a time were allowed at this table.

Table 4
Jig Saw station
1 Leader
Safety; only one cub at a time was allowed at this table.

The hall was split up with witches hats, dividing the safe tables from the power tools tables.

One more leader/parent helper at the glue station would have helped keep things flowing.
Warm up the laminator prior to commencing, we waisted a few minutes on this task.

12 Knot Boards made in 90 minutes. lots of happy Cub Scouts.
JMRaphael5 years ago

Very cool! I'm an Eagle Scout from the US, and I would've loved something like this back in my scouting days. A word of warning, though: the reef knot can capsize under load, and has even been implicated in a number of deaths where people have relied on it to support their weight. For joining ropes under load, I'd recommend the alpine butterfly bend, double fisherman's bend, or even just sticking with the sheet bend already on the sheet.

cutternorth5 years ago

Fantastic Project! Too bad its only for Australian Scouts. :)

qwerty9875 years ago

Is this Australian because it is upside down?

drohats5 years ago
I would add a 10mm round over router bit for the handle area so it is easier to grip. I might also sand over all sharp edges. GREAT project! I love it!