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Picture of LED Concrete Tabletop Fireplace
mdp-quikrete-faux-fireplace - square.png
mdp-quikrete-faux-fireplace - square2.png

The humble supplies below came together into one of our favorite projects ever! When we spotted those flame light bulbs- we just knew we had to do something with them. At the time of purchase, we had no idea what to do with them, we just knew we had to use them!

With a little bit of engineering, styrofoam, melamine, toy bricks, and Quikrete mortar mix, we were able to cast the perfect faux fireplace! Take a look at how it came together.

Step 1: Watch the Video

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The Freak8 months ago
What kind of faux blocks did you use?
DIY for Homeowners (author)  The Freak8 months ago
We are not sure. We found a ton of them brand new at a yard sale, but don't see a brand name on them. You can find cheap ones on amazon it looks like.
Rudeldi8 months ago
looks really nice! The imprint of the bricks is awesome! :)
DIY for Homeowners (author)  Rudeldi8 months ago
Thanks Rudeldi!
loranditsum8 months ago
WOW! brilliant project. nicely done !
DIY for Homeowners (author)  loranditsum8 months ago
Thank you!
This looks great! I just love the brick imprint the building blocks left on the concrete :)
I absolutely agree with Penolopy. This Lego look is great.
Thanks Penolopy!
audreyobscura9 months ago
Using legos for a customizable/reusable mold is brilliant. Amazing work, as ever!
DIY for Homeowners (author)  audreyobscura9 months ago
Thanks Audrey :)