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Picture of LED Floating Cube Shelves

I wanted to create a set of beautiful wooden display shelves that appeared to be floating, and that featured some nice LED lighting to highlight the content on the shelves. In order to do that, I made some mitered cherry boxes, with routed dados for the lighting and I mounted these shelves onto a white board and fed all the wires behind. The end result is a really nice display section without any visible wires, that is perfect for featuring your favorite objects. To see the complete build and the final result, make sure to check out the video!

Step 1: Profiling the Wood

Picture of Profiling the Wood
Screenshot (1294).png
Screenshot (1295).png
Screenshot (1296).png
Screenshot (1297).png

For the construction of the boxes, I decided to go with 3/4 inch cherry. I didn't want the shelves to feel to chunky, so to give the boxes a lighter feel, I cut a 24 degree angle on one side of all the pieces.

makezenliving3 months ago
Do you remember the make and model of that mask? I have been looking for one like that without success! Ty in advance
Phantom_14 months ago
Really nice but be careful on the card stock light diffuser...could be a fire hazard even with low voltage LED. We use "Sign White acrylic" when we make light boxes routed through an aluminum channel. Other than that nice!
NativeElement4 months ago
I also think that the mitered corners with the splines are attractive.

The backlit look for the objects in the floating shelves is not something I personally like. In the past, I've installed led lights to light up the cabinet interior, but I placed the led strip more in the center, rather than to the extreme back or extreme front of the cabinet. I personally liked the light being cast more directly on the objects displayed rather that the backlighting.

Again, just personal preference. And gosh, if I only had such a nice sawstop table saw at my workshop. I think your workshop is awesome!
George-KC1V4 months ago
The mitered corner are very nice. How do you adjust your saw to get the exact angle? I usually have to spend a lot of time and make many trial cuts to get the setting right. Thanks for presenting this great project.
jessyratfink4 months ago
Those mitered corners are gorgeous!