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Picture of LEGO Boost Pipe Cleaner Bending Robot

For the 2019 Coderdojo Belgium Coolest Projects fair, we built a LEGO Boost variant of Yoshihito Isogawa's Mindstorms pipe cleaner bending robot. He only published a Youtube video of his EV3 robot, so we didn't have any building instructions to start from. Building from scratch took several iterations before achieving a working robot, but we're thankful that we could borrow some of Mr. Isogawa's brilliant ideas nonetheless.

As always, every challenge has many possible solutions. We present solutions that were possible using our collection of spare LEGO parts. Your mileage, and your parts collection, may vary.

Please note that this instructable was documented by taking the robot apart. Building from scratch is far less linear than taking the final build apart...

Step 1: About the Components

Picture of About the Components

We build the robot on two 8x16 stud, regular height plates. One is just for holding the Boost motor block, the other one holds the mechanism itself.

Every step will include pictures of the components used. Small details can make a large difference sometimes, so make sure to zoom in if you're not sure which type of Lego part we're using. Please don't ask where we got a specific part, as these all come from the "spare part" box, with no record of which set they once belonged to.

In the first picture, you can see the Technic parts on the left, and the regular parts on the right. This will not be a large build, as you can see. The Boost main motor block and the Boost external motor are in the middle. We didn't use the Boost color sensor in this build. The second picture shows all axles we used, with a couple of Technic beams for length reference. We tried to use the minimum length required for the specific purpose of each axle.