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Picture of LP Record Clock

In this project for Instructables i will be taking an old LP and reusing it to make a clock.

My tips are how i use resin and get a bubble free finish.

Items needed for this project

1- old album no longer being used

2- epoxy resin

3- resin dyes

4- mixing cups

5- stir sticks

6- Clock kit with hands (check the centre hole on the album is the right size for the kits centre post, if not gently use a drill to make it the right size).

7- heat gun

8- blow torch

9- spirit level

10- Plastic sheet

Step 1: Getting your project ready.

Picture of Getting your project ready.

1- Put your Album over a plastic sheet to catch any resin i used 3 plastic cups to lift it off the plastic.

2- Use the spirit level to make sure the album is level this will avoid you losing resin running off.

raphan1 year ago

Even if I do like your creation, really, I'd like to know if that's possible with a transparent resin (it it exists!).

Highlandboxes. (author)  raphan1 year ago

Yes could make it transparent just add less resin dye :-)

Amaries1 year ago

Nice it looks like a picture from space. Well done.

Highlandboxes. (author)  Amaries1 year ago

Thank you Amaries :-)

Buso1 year ago
Great project. Really good instructions. Thank you.
Highlandboxes. (author)  Buso1 year ago

Thank you Buso :-)

LEO3371 year ago
That clock looks gorgeous! Very nice! I voted ;)
Highlandboxes. (author)  LEO3371 year ago

Thank you :-)

The colors look fantastic!

Thank you Penolopy :-)