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Picture of Labware Chandelier

Hello Fellow Makers,

Today I will share with you how I made a chandelier from reclaimed laboratory glassware.

Step 1: Scavenge

Picture of Scavenge

There's shop here in Basel called offcut that sells surplus material from local shops/factories/museums. This place is full of surprises. I try to come here once a week just to see what kind of quirky objects show up. I found these glassware here after they received a donation from the local pharmaceutical museum. (I am actually very curious about what these were originally used for, if anyone knows please comment below.) I thought it had a very sculptural look to it and if combined in an interesting way they could make for an abstract collage-like assembly. They also happened to have a huge (2m x 4m) sheet of 4mm plexiglass for 5CHF!


The final assemblage costs about 30CHF.

~10CHF for the glassware

~15CHF for the LED light bulb

~5CHF worth of plexiglass

Butterbob11 year ago
This is awesome! Need to make one myself.
harryMake (author)  Butterbob11 year ago

Thanks. Good luck with finding some funky glassware.

seamster1 year ago

Nice, inspiring reuse project!

harryMake (author)  seamster1 year ago
Thank you Sam!