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Picture of Lara croft (tomb raider) inspired Wall art

In this project i make a wall light from cheap pine shelves. The design is inspired from the game tomb raider that i have played from the very first one released, and i still play today.

I hope you enjoy this project and are inspired to try it out yourself.

What i used to make this project.

Free mac and pc software PostaRazor to make the printable large image.

Pine shelving big enough to fit the printed image on twice.

Sharpie pens

LED kit 1m


bandsaw, drum sander, bench sander

Step 1:

1) Print 2 copies of the image to the size required in PostaRazor

2) Stick one copy to the main board i used sticky tape

3) To give a 2d look i cut out and stuck to the other board her boots socks, gun holster, guns, rucksack and her ponytail.

4) I then cut out the main complete image with a bandsaw.

I love this. Tomb Raider has always been one of my favorite game series!

iceng1 year ago

Really neat !

Although my wife would not appreciate this in house my shop / man cave would be ideal for such unique wall art..

Any idea of total time spent ?

Highlandboxes. (author)  iceng1 year ago

lol Only about 1/2 a day to make none stop. Thank you :-)

Very well-made and unique wall art!

Thank you :-)