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I love the look and feel of the older games and toys. I think it is high time for me to remake another... I went big again!

This time it is a wall mount etch a sketch.

Over 3 feet wide yet still light enough to shake to clear. Yes it is designed to be filled with the same grey powdery stuff as the original!

I'm enjoying the internal mechanics too much to put the powder in at this time...

UPDATE March 31/2019: I have added the magic powder and started to play with this. My observations and recommendations are in the last step

Step 1: Minor Changes

Picture of Minor Changes

I took a little artistic license with this one and I also added some electronics.

The original has a screen ratio of about 0.7 so I began there. No plans just a rough shape.

Further I have integrated some electrical and electronic components to facilitate computer control. I made use of a welder, and a 3d printer.

The files for printing the frame are here, be warned you will need a machine capable of printing 10 inches by 10 inches ... The numbering system starts from the top left and finishes bottom right with 3 rows.

For my printer this was most laborious task. It had to be cut up into sections to fit the printer. The print time was several days of continuous run.I had 2 failed parts due to using ABS+, I switched to ABS and had 100% success with all the bezel parts.

Other files for printing are in the appropriate sections.

Assembly of the bezel is covered in step 5.

zakbobdop2 months ago
I remember using one of these.. I made a tiny mistake that ruined a 30-minute picture xD
anyways, this is genius!
Kdemon5 months ago
This is epic! Any change of getting a video of it running?
Random_Canadian (author)  Kdemon5 months ago
Thanks! Once I get the kinks fully worked out ( there is a minor sticking point which is apparent on the upper horizontal line), and the app for rudimentary drawing functional I will be posting one on that. I tried a short video of me drawing lines but that turned out weird and kind of creepy with my monotone speech. Plus I'm needing to get my good camera back...
tjaap5 months ago
Awesome build, now I totally want to use this principle to make a large display. I wondered: isn't it more the bulidup of static charge inside that's supposed to make the aluminium dust stick to everything, more than the consistency?
Random_Canadian (author)  tjaap5 months ago
I thought that too and tried to build up friction inside a glass jar but is just created a dust cloud without actually sticking to anything. I took one apart a while back and found that the actual stuff is really sticky and greasy feeling. I still working on a solution...
szellner5 months ago
Could you use a stylus as the pointer/scraper. There should be some that are tough and have a decent point to them.

Its brilliant work. Nice Job.
Random_Canadian (author)  szellner5 months ago
Thanks, I'm thinking of using some silicone to cast a urethane pointer...
This is really impressive! What program did you use to design the 3D printed parts?
Random_Canadian (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago
Thanks. I'm very pleased with the results on this one. I used SolidWorks for the 3D modelling.