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Picture of Laser Cut Eye of Agamotto

I was feeling a little strange one day. Felt the need to turn back time so I got to tinkering on this project.

I made this to show my students what you can do with a laser cutter when you stack layers to make 3D out of 2D layers. Don't worry I have some more entry-level examples too. I used Fusion 360, Adobe Illustrator and a Glowforge laser cutter. The wood used was 3/16" plywood from the hardware store. I also used some green wood dye.

**I am now thinking of improving on this with a green LED in the center to make it glow as you turn the face to turn it on. This was a good starting point example for my students.

Step 1: Design in Fusion 360

My design was made in F360. The video does a full walkthrough of the process.

  • Import an image of the Eye of Agamoto
  • Think of each feature on the eye to be a separate layer.
    • Each layer is a different sketch.
  • Make sure all your cut lines are separate vectors (lines) from the score lines. This meant using the trim tool for my design.
  • Export the sketches as DXF files.

Here is the link to my Fusion file

offseidjr2 months ago
I love that movie!!!
this would be great with Spinning circles
terrefirma4 months ago
Funny when you say "I was in a hurry" when this whole thing seems so time intensive! Then you film and explain it all! Did you just do it again when filming? Used notes?
Where do you teach? I'd love to hear your journey..
gasserwoodshop (author)  terrefirma4 months ago
Hurry as in I was excited to get it done before my students showed up so I could show them :)
Fusion 360 lets you "go back in time" to see the steps you have done. Appropriate for this project.
I teach in the San Fransisco area.
LuisM3794 months ago
Thanks for the files. Condensed files down to three layers, with middle layer holding an acrylic piece and a hole in the last one for light to shine through.
gasserwoodshop (author)  LuisM3794 months ago
LuisM379 made it!4 months ago
Consolidated files down to three layers, with the middle layer holding a green piece of acrylic and an opening in the back so light can pass through.
fredyf574 months ago
Very Cool and great instructions. Thank you.
Dude, this is some real cool stuff. You're the man :D
MaraCreates4 months ago
You are very talented, it is very beautiful!
lteget722924 months ago
You are Dr. Strange