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Picture of Laser Cut Leather Stamp

Stamps for tooling leather are usually metal and can cost quite a bit of money. If you have access to a laser cutter and some patience, you can create a stamp that works just as well as a store-bought leather stamp but uses your own custom art.

Step 1: Equipment, Tools, and Supplies

You'll need a few things in order to create your stamp:

  • Laser cutter (the one we use at the Claremont Makerspace is a GCC Spirit
  • A black and white vector design (here's a great Instructable for creating vector art from a drawing)
  • Coreldraw (this came with the GCC Spirit)
  • Dowel or block the size and shape of your stamp. We'll use a 1-1/4" piece of dowel from Home Depot.
  • Delrin sheet. You want to make sure you're buying Delrin and not HDPE. We initially ordered from Amazon and although the listing said it was Delrin (which is the tradename for DuPont's acetal products) it was definitely not. If you have a lot of problems cutting the material, it might be that you picked up the wrong type.
  • Cyanoacrylate glue (aka CA glue or super glue)

To stamp your leather you'll need the following:

  • Leather (vegetable tanned -- almost any thickness will work)
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Hard surface
  • Water
  • Sponge

Cherzer4 months ago
That turned out great! I think I need to see if there is a maker space near me that I can join so I have access to fun tools.
SusanH2744 months ago
Do you take orders?
curiousgood (author)  SusanH2744 months ago
I'm sure we could. Shoot me a message!
NickM2115 months ago
I've been doing laser etched stamps with acrylic and a C clamp. My logo stamp has made dozens of stamps and shows no visible wear. I've used as thin as 3/8" acrylic.

The best part of acrylic stamps is seeing through them and getting perfect placement.

You can leave the stamp under pressure until the leather dries for extra crisp lines and a deeper impression.
patneff785 months ago
Love it! What thickness Derlin did you use?
RobertP1065 months ago
Nice project. Am at the other Claremont, CA makerspace called maker's makerspace :)
audreyobscura5 months ago
This came out so well! I kind of can't believe how good the impression looks! Well done!
curiousgood (author)  audreyobscura5 months ago
Thanks! You have some really great instructables too!
Jpbmaker5 months ago
This is awesome! Really well done!
curiousgood (author)  Jpbmaker5 months ago
Thank you!
Doug Paradis5 months ago
Really enjoyed your Instructable! Can't wait to give it a try.
curiousgood (author)  Doug Paradis5 months ago
Thank you! And just favorite-d your robot wheel Instructable. I'm in the process of working on a sumobot.
Nick705875 months ago
I really like this. I'm hoping to buy a laser cutter soon and would love to try this for my leather work. You're right about the cost of metal stamps being really high, and the press to put the stamps into is also kinda ridiculous.
curiousgood (author)  Nick705875 months ago
Thanks! I love your adventure bag project, it definitely would really pop if you had a small stamp on the center panel.