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Picture of Lazy Man's Portable Bicycle Pump

We are a family of four and so have four bicycles. Every time we want to use them, there are surely some tyres to top up. My compressor is in the garage /workshop and not easily accessible from where we store the bicycles. Hence, we have to use a hand pump and by the time I have finished pumping all the tyres I have lost the enthusiasm to go out with the bikes. Hence I needed a portable and quick to set up compressor.

Well I had some 5 litre containers lying around, an old computer power supply and a mini compressor that someone had given me a few years ago. Hence I decided to put them together, make a lazy mans portable compressor and recycle some waste!

I am sure the electronics experts are going to crucify me but I can take it!

I am not inventing anything but hope someone finds this instructable useful.

Step 1: Safety First

Picture of Safety First

Here we will be using a knife to cut holes and a drill, Always use protective gear and take all necessary precautions when using power tools. Read the instruction manual for your power tool carefully and pay particular attention to safety

ATTENTION: I am using an ATX power supply. Do not open the ATX power supply unless you know what you are doing. There are large capacitors inside and there is risk of electric shock from high voltage. It should not be necessary to open it.

Clean your container well before using.

Do not use containers that contained dangerous, toxic or inflammable substances. Instead, dispose of them properly according to your local laws. Do not disperse toxic or dangerous substances into the atmosphere.

The object in this instructable is only meant for filling bicycle tyre with air. Hence it should only be used for 5-10 minutes maximum. My particular compressor cuts out automatically after 10 minutes of use. Even though I use a cigar lighter type socket, it is not meant as cigar lighter or phone charger or any other function. If you use for any other function then do so at your own risk.

The device uses 12V and could cause fires in case of short circuit or over heating. If you do not know what you are doing then seek expert advice or do not do this instructable.

This device is only to be used out of doors on a dry day. Do not use in damp or humid conditions or near water.

This device should only be used by adults.

Disconnect the device from the power supply when not in use.

Do not leave unattended while in use.

Follow this instructable at your own risk. I will not accept responsibility for any damage or harm caused.

Ysabeau5 months ago
Nice reuse. I don't think you'll be crucified for that :-)
misterxp (author)  Ysabeau5 months ago
Thanks very kind of you!