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Picture of Leather Brush Scroll / Brush Roll

I just signed up for a watercolour painting class and wanted to create something to carry my brushes without them getting damaged.

I've seen a few tool scrolls / rolls ( I'm still not sure if it's a scroll or a roll) and thought it would be a fun little leather project.

I just chose some Chrome tanned off cuts I had as it was quite soft and given that I wasn't planning to do any tooling thought it would fit the bill.

After using the scroll for the last week, I'm really pleased with it, it's a great way to store my brushes and carry them to my art class without them getting battered and bruised.

Watch the video at the top of the page to see how I made mine

Step 1: Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Step 1: Tools and  Materials

These are the tools and materials you will need:-


I used a soft leather that was about 1.2 mm

Some thread ( about 0.8mm )

Some contact adhesive


A knife to cut the leather

needles for stitching

A square to get the corners right

A Steel rule or straight edge, to get straight edges

A pen and / or awl to mark your lines

Punch or pricking iron to make holes for the stitching

A cutting mat to protect the surface you are working on.

A v-gouge to help with the folds ( optional)

AnandM546 months ago
Replace cord with velcro gives new look.....!!
serhardt (author)  AnandM546 months ago
Yes, cool idea!
jessyratfink6 months ago
Love how that looks - so much nicer than keeping everything a pouch. :)
serhardt (author)  jessyratfink6 months ago
audreyobscura6 months ago
This came out so well! This is certainly a more dignified solution than my messy brush cup! Thanks for the inspiration
serhardt (author)  audreyobscura6 months ago
Thanks, I'm really pleased with it