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Step 8: Finishing

Finishing is easy. It ties everything up into a neat little package, and you can make this as complicated or simple as you want.

I trim the thread, and since it's polyester, I can use a lighter to melt the ends back into the stitching. Edges and corners get trimmed to make sure everything is even and cut to the shape I want.

I also burnish the rest of the edges. If the edges are stitched together, I burnish them last instead of in the pre-burnishing step. This makes the edge look like one piece and blended together.

Some leathers will also take a bit of oil or protective compound at the end, or fancy things like edge paint if you're feeling it.

The final part of finishing is reveling in your creation and loading it up with cards and cash!

I'm happy to answer any questions - there's a ton of information out there, and I tried to keep the Instructable relatively simple!