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I was fortunate enough to travel somewhere where I had to use my passport recently. The last time I used it, it was inside a bulky and cumbersome pouch. This time I told myself I would use something more comfortable and more functional. I looked into buying a passport wallet, but then I realized two things! First, they almost all had card slots, but they required you to fully open your wallet in order to take out a card, and if you've ever been in high touristy areas, sometimes it's not good to be advertising what you have in your wallet! Second, I received a piece of leather as a gift a few months back that I was going to use to make regular/minimalist wallets, but I hadn't gone around to making them. Duh! I had a design in mind and materials!

So, I put my own twist on the traditional passport wallet, which effortlessly allows you to both remove and replace your most used cards. Instead of having to open your wallet all the way in order to take out a card, the quick draw design allows you to slide out your card swiftly towards you with only minimal opening of the wallet. And, you don't even have to open up your wallet to slide your card in! This is especially important if you're out and about in a busy area and want to minimize the exposure of the contents in your wallet.

Alright, let's go start this!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

I've only messed around with prototyping two other wallets, so the materials and tools I have are not professional grade or may not be "the right ones" for the job. For example, I don't have a mallet, so I just use a hammer. Haha!

Leather: (originally here)

Contact cement:




Self-healing cutting mat:


Stitching pony:

Leather Edge paint: (different color)


terrefirma4 months ago
I love everything- the way it turned out and especially your detailed explanation of everything possible. Thank you.
watch me DIY it (author)  terrefirma4 months ago
Thank you!
MaraCreates4 months ago
I like the functionality of this Passport wallet, very handy.
watch me DIY it (author)  MaraCreates4 months ago
Thank you!