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Picture of Leather Stocking

I can think of no better way to prepare for Christmas than with handmade leather stockings! I had so much fun with these! We went with a 2-3 oz. upholstery leather with a shearling top for our kits, but you can use the leather of your choice and create your own using the free downloadable pattern. Just make sure to stay within 2-4 oz. leather for the body of the stocking. Otherwise, it will get pretty tough to turn the stocking right side out. These stockings make great gifts that will last a lifetime!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Stocking Kit

Kit includes:
Leather in your choice of Vintage Cowboy or Burnt Whiskey


Ritza® Tiger Thread, Beige


Make Your Very Own From Scratch With The Following:

Free Downloadable Stocking Pattern

Cuff Pattern

Stocking Tab Pattern


Stitching Chisel

Poundo Board

NickA1576 months ago
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