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Picture of Leinadworks; a Standing Pencil Case
IMG_2963 2.jpg

This is my 76th prototype of a standing pencil case. (True)

As a product designer, I've always been into making pencil case since 2014.

There are two main features of this pencil case.

1) Standing; It is always convenient to have case standing in order to instantly pick the right pen, looking from above.

2) Customizable; I wanted each pencil case to have its own identity for artists or designers.

To build this pencil case, you will need,

1) 3D printer

2) Super glue

Step 1: Download STL Files

Picture of Download STL Files

There are four main components of this pencil case.

1) Upper Case

2) Bottom Case

3) Upper Ring

4) Bottom Ring

You can download it from Thingiverse projects or directly from this tutorial.

Alamakjune4 months ago
Hey that’s a nice work!
I want to print this with your star wars design.
Can I get the stl for the star wars design?
I have no talent in making my one one...

Please answer me!
I love it! A great sleek and simple design :)