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This project had a lot of "Winging It" involved. I am immensely happy with how it turned out but several things went sideways, which you will see. I'll tell you how I did it and then tell you how to make it better and easier than I did.

This project does use UV LEDs so it's best not to stare directly into them. Have the same caution when using this that you would using a blacklight. I don't plan on sitting directly over it or even leaving it on for significant periods of time.

It was also designed to be built by a college student with only access to a car and a maker space. So all the lumber fit into my car and the tools were all found at my local maker space or I had the same tools at my home such as the drills.

Step 1: Skills and Equipment Needed

Skills and equipment
CNC and CAD experience(Fusion 360)



Hand Router


Soldering Iron and Basic wiring ability

Pocket Hole Jig

Table saw and sled

If using the arduino



Jumper wires

BeniY4 months ago
You could also add a mirror facing up to the ground and use some mirroring "sun-blocker" foil on the underside of the plexiglass. You can get the foil for about 20 bucks in a local store (here: Lidl). It then mirrors the LED strip a thousand times and you get a nice 3d effect with the lights. If you want. :)
StrangelyAmusing (author)  BeniY4 months ago
You.....I like the way you think.... I'll remember it if I make a variant version later.
goldenskyhook4 months ago
You mention "chemically treating" the glass on your next build, but you don't say anything about treating the plexi in this one. Did you do something to it, or does it just provide a surface for day-glo markers? Is that what you use to draw on this?
StrangelyAmusing (author)  goldenskyhook4 months ago
Oh good question, I didn't do anything to the plexiglass, it's just normal uv resistant plexiglass. I used neon dry erase markers, more or less the same as the day-glow markers. Over time the plexiglass should degrade so it will need replacing, which is why I mentioned using glass. The reason I was going to treat the glass was to make it more shatter resistant, I'd buy and cut my own glass then chemically temper it, but that's a project for another day.
AussieAlf5 months ago
That looks cool mate.
Going to have to get myself an arduino and learn the basics of electronics
StrangelyAmusing (author)  AussieAlf4 months ago
Don't do it, once you start you'll never stop. First you'll be programming the Arduino then next thing you know you'll be building a giant robot to fight bears, lions, or lawyers. Really though, do it, it's a great skill, push yourself.