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Picture of Lime Wash Brick House (White Wash)

My wife and I bought a fixer upper. It was a foreclosure with front bow windows that were outdated and rotting, plus the existing brick was not the kind of brick we wanted to show off. When we had the front bow windows replaced, we decided to hire a mason to brick up the columns in between; the brick couldn't match the old existing brick, but that didn't matter to us since we wanted to White Wash our house anyways! We chose not to use white paint because using the wrong paint or not fixing chips/cracks could result in trapping moisture within the porous bricks causing mold or a breakdown of the brick; also, this way was the most expensive. We also looked into German Smear (White Mortar mixes), but had a hard time finding any in our area without having to get it specially ordered. After researching lime wash, we were sold! Lime wash is a mixture of lime, tint, and water and will penetrate the brick similarly to paint BUT lime is more durable and also discourages mold it's much cheaper! All-in-all this DIY took a couple weeks (since we both work full time outside of the home) and the cost totaled just shy of $750.

Step 1: Pressure Wash

Picture of Pressure Wash

First step is cleaning the brick. I couldn't find anyone who still owned a pressure washer, but Home Depot Tool Rental had one that was sufficient for what I needed. I completed the whole task within 24 hours and was able to get the rate for their 1-day rental.

I will prepared to get soaked and covered in dirt/debris!

Quite interesting and attractive idea. My house is part brick and part vinyl siding, can I use the same on the siding? Will appreciate your input.

LumberBear (author)  ElizabethLeona1 month ago
Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for the compliment! This method would definitely work on your brick, but I don't think it would be good for the vinyl. However, you can bring a sample of the color to your local paint supplier; most will be able to match it with the type of paint suitable for vinyl paint :)
LumberBear, thanks so much for your advice.
AnandM541 month ago
Great work friends !!
LumberBear (author)  AnandM541 month ago
Thank you so much!