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Live Edge Resin Table. How to Transform Reclaimed Live Edge Into a Piece of Art!

Picture of Live Edge Resin Table. How to Transform Reclaimed Live Edge Into a Piece of Art!

Reclaimed, extremely old, Red Cedar wood turned into a resin live edge table! The markings are amazing, the colors, the shape. Rescued from swamp in AR I was very lucky getting this piece! I love how it turned out!

Step 1: Finding the Right Reclaimed Wood

Picture of Finding the Right Reclaimed Wood
In order to make a live edge table you have to have the right wood. The older the tree the better. I personally like my slabs cut to where they are round because I add resin to most of mine. I got lucky finding this extremely old cedar. It was already cut for the most part. A county club had taken it from the swamp after it fell due to a storm. The grounds keeper let me take my pick and even helped me load it onto the truck. 1st step done!
fawazam3 months ago
1. Where can I get reclaimed wood
2. Where can I get resin and what type of resin should I get (I've never used resin)
This project seems absolutely AMAZING and I can't wait to try it!
karij9982 (author)  fawazam3 months ago
Where can you get reclaimed wood;) well I'm literally always on the lookout for it. I live next to a golf club that has swamps and many trees fall. So every Monday I go up there. You can also find it for sale on Facebook marketplace etc. Where sawmills will have slabs listed. I drive thru neighborhoods and have found trees that where cut down by tree service and rolled them to my home. The list goes on and on. Lol
Resin.... let's me just say this, it's trial and error in the beginning. Don't give up. I now get my resin on Amazon called table top resin. I've used almost every kind out there and I like them all so far. The glow resin is amazing for special projects.
Good luck! Hope this helped and you create an amazing table!
My experience with making tables (with kids in the house) has been that if I leave any recesses or gaps in the top furfaces they just get crammed full of food/gunk/who knows what... Hopefully it still is looking pretty after your kids have had a go with it!
karij9982 (author)  Garage_Shop_Crafter4 months ago
Here I filled a hole. Just a small example but
karij9982 (author)  Garage_Shop_Crafter4 months ago
Fill all gaps with resin and sand it down even so there's no place for food to go;)
terrefirma4 months ago
Is there any reason to not use a planer rather than all that sanding? Does it take away the character at all?
karij9982 (author)  terrefirma4 months ago
Yes! Sanding is huge and the sand paper u use is huge. With round sander it works perfect for my oak slabs and I can easily go with the grain and maximize characteristics with it. Other slabs I've used the square sander and it went with the grain better than the round. But to answer your question I think sanding is very important and a much better choice!
hot_alerts4 months ago
Great and clear instuctions. I will be attempting to do this. Wish me luck!
karij9982 (author)  hot_alerts4 months ago
Good luck! Send me pics! And thank you!
jpmarth4 months ago
I turned two logs into end tables, so I sympathize with all the sanding required to get a level surface! Nicely done!
karij9982 (author)  jpmarth4 months ago
Yes lots of sandpaper ;) I recently started using a grinder and that helps with the rough sanding a lot! And thank you!
That's a beautiful table! I really love that you didn't fill the hole completely to the top with resin. Thanks for sharing! :)
karij9982 (author)  WeTeachThemSTEM4 months ago
Thank you!
karij9982 (author) made it!4 months ago
I found a reclaimed cedar tree and Brought it home to turn it into a live edge resin table! I cut, sand, buff, etc. Working hard to show off the amazing markings and colors this slab has!
karij9982 (author) made it!4 months ago
Live edge resin table