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VALENTINE'S DAY Love Birds : a Box to Send and Receive Telegram Audio Message


check the video here

What is Love (birds)? Oh Baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more

It’s a standalone device that receives send voice messages to your love, family or friend. Open the box, push the button while you are talking, release to send the audio message. Your correspondent will receive the voice message on his Telegram phone app or on his own LoveBirds box, with a nice motor move and bird song to notify him.

Ok my phone can already do that, why should I bother? And by the way who is this little voice asking me these convenient questions?

Mobile phones are schizophrenic devices where you mix everything: your bank account, talk to your boss, and send text messages to your second half, always rushing to answer faster with the fear to missing out.

Love Birds is the opposite, a dedicated device for the person you cherish the more, it’s like an old fashion answering machine, bringing back the emotion when you will come back to your home and find the cute motor turning indicating that you have a voicemail waiting to be heard, push on the button once to listen, hold the button and talk to answer, release when you're done.

Love Birds is easier to use than a phone, only one button, this cool for children, old people that don’t like smartphones or long-distance relationships, just for couples who want a private line of communication thru a simple dedicated object.

Step 1: Checklist Before to Build One LoveBirds

Picture of Checklist Before to Build One LoveBirds
  • 1 Raspberry PI Zero W (it will also work with raspberry PI 2 or 3 and 3B 3B+, but the Zero is smaller and consumes less battery.
  • 1 micro SD card 4Go or bigger 1 micro USB cable
  • 1 MIC+ sound card it is perfect for the job as it has one integrated microphone , and two onboard speakers and it is the size of a Raspberry Pi ZERO, but you can also use any sound card and speaker and switch to complete this project. You can order it on Amazon be careful take the MIC+ model. (EDIT : when ordering be sure to choose the MIC+ model, others models will not work)
  • Your Telegram account, if you don’t have one yet it a good occasion to start as this is way more secure for your privacy than Whatsapp or Messenger. To setup one you need a phone, download the app on your store
  • Telegram username of the person you will exchange messages with it starts with an @, by default you don’t have a username, you can choose a public username in the Settings section of Telegram.
  • 1 cheap servo motor found on Amazon to make the little birds move when you have a message
  • A printer for the nice bird logo animated with the motor attached above
Didao7 months ago
Hi Olivier
Great project ! I'm doing good with it.
The only issue is my Iphone can't read vocal messages in telegram.
Any idea ?
Didao7 months ago
Hi, I'm also trying to build this project but ...
MIC+ is not working and Raspberry seems not to be able to find the device.
Is there anything I should know ?
It is my first project ;)
OlivierR29 (author)  Didao7 months ago
Well can you detail on which step is the problem?
Didao OlivierR297 months ago
I tried again from zero... with only Raspbian Stretch Lite on SD card
sudo wget -O mic
sudo bash mic
sudo wget -O test
sudo bash test
Script goes on but no sound----->

Test for Raspiaudio MIC+
------Please puch on the Yellow button to continue
amixer: Unable to find simple control 'Micro',0

amixer: Unable to find simple control 'Master',0

Many thanks for your help
Didao Didao7 months ago
Well sorry for wasting your time.
I received a brand new raspberry pi 3 and the sound card sounds great !
Something's wrong with my pi zero gpio connection ;(
georgehenze7 months ago
Thanks, will try!
georgehenze8 months ago
Hi, I'm trying to build this very nice little project but I run into some problems. When I connect with my browser to my Pi I get this error:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/pi/phone'

I can ssh into my Pi and there's no such file in the folder. There is a folder called LB with some files in it. Could you please explain what I'm doing wrong?
Schermafbeelding 2019-01-17 om 17.43.17.png
OlivierR29 (author)  georgehenze7 months ago
I just modified the archive to download, the problem should be solved.
OlivierR29 (author)  georgehenze8 months ago
Cool to see someone trying it!
my mistake to correct that open a terminal and type:
touch /home/pi/phone

it will create a phone file empty, then you should be able after a reboot to connect with your browser