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This little clay honey bee flies “magically” on barely visible thread to visit a garden of clay roses, all on a wire frame hanging from your ear. You could make a bumblebee, a butterfly, a dragonfly, or any insect of your choice and the flowers can be made to your preference as well.

Also, I am entering this tutorial in the 2019 Jewelry Contest, so if you think that it is well-written or interesting, please vote.

Step 1: Supplies

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1. Copper wire in 22 gauge and 26 gauge (I am using silver plated copper wire; use whatever color you prefer)

2. Ruler

3. Wire Cutters, Flat-nose pliers and/or round-nosed pliers

4. Jewelry files or metal files to smooth cut wire edges

5. Cylinder to wrap your wire around (I am using a pill bottle that is about 1 ¾ inches in diameter or about 4 ½ cm)

6. Rubber mallet and a hard surface (to harden your wire form)

7. Clay of your choice (I am using air dry clay, but you could also use polymer clay)

8. Clay work surface

9. Corn starch to prevent your hands from sticking to your clay

10. Clay tools (ball tool, knife, pointy instrument)

11. Acrylic paint to color your clay for roses and leaves

12. Mod Podge (or another fast drying glue)

13. Fishing wire or Invisible Thread

14. Small sewing needle

15. Paint for honey bee (black, a dark brown, a golden orange, a light orange)

16. Paint brushes, sizes 00 and 3/0

17. Varnish

18. Earring hooks

19. Reference pictures of roses and honey bees

* A few notes: The acrylic paints I am using are Hunters Green by Anita’s, Flag Red by Apple Barrel (for the leaves and roses), Black, Apricot, Golden Sunset by Apple Barrel and Burnt Umber by FolkArt (for the honey bee). The brand you use does not matter. You can use whatever colors you want for the leaves roses, and even the honey bee. That is what being an artist means! For realism, though, you want a dark brown, a light orange, a golden yellow, and black for the honey bee.

Vapowrite4 months ago
Beautiful so beautiful and sooo pretty..... Great work on the bee :-) love it
TheSuperhube4 months ago
Your roses are awesome!
That's such a cute idea and amazing sculpting job :)
jessyratfink5 months ago
You are so talented! Those are gorgeous. :)
Thank you! Clay is my new favorite medium as of the past year.