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Picture of Magnetic Measuring Tape Holster

Like many makers, I carry a measuring tape every day and use it until the tape becomes too brittle to use from pulling it out at a sharp 90° angle from where it is permanently holstered to my hip, a thousand times a day. Over the years, my EDC measuring tape of choice has changed from a 25’ tape, to a 20’ tape, to a 16’ tape, to a 12’ tape, to finally a 6’ tape. I’ve come to realize that in my current practice, I rarely need to measure anything longer than six feet. After having found what I consider to be one of the best 6’ measuring tapes on the market (no easy feat ), I decided to make a holster for it that allows for quick and simple removal of the measuring tape itself, increasing its lifespan.

My father has always carried his measuring tapes in a leather hip holster; naturally I decided to make my holster out of leather as it is durable, wears beautifully, and is comfortable to the touch.

Step 1: ​Paper Template

Picture of ​Paper Template

First, remove any key chain attachments on the measuring tape you’ll be using (the one I’m using had a small chain attached to a swivel clip ). Next, lay the measuring tape on a piece of paper and trace around it. Then, cut that piece of paper into a strip that is equal to the width of the measuring tape. Then, wrap the paper strip around the measuring tape (vertically ) and use a blunt soft pencil to take a rubbing of its exact shape. Next decide which pieces you would like to remove and remove them with scissors. You might also want to add additional pieces to the paper template to make straps that will help hold the measuring tape in place. Once you have a paper template, it’s a good idea to trace it onto a thicker piece of cardstock, this will make it easier to transfer the design onto the leather.

ClausD4 months ago
I have a perhaps silly suestion. What is ad edc maker?
In Denmark where I’m from it is a real estate agent business, but i doubt if it is what it means.
Ham-made (author)  ClausD4 months ago
Hey ClausD!
Definitely not a silly question, in fact, I'll be adding its definition in parenthesis next to the first mention of the acronym, because you are not alone in not knowing what it stands for! As karnuvap stated in his answer, EDC stands for Every Day Carry and usually includes the objects on your person that you can't seem to be without everyday. For me, a measuring tape is one of those objects, for most others it includes a pocket knife, pen, ice pick, etc.
Mr. Ham
ClausD Ham-made4 months ago
Thx for a speedy reply and a good explanation. It makes a lot of sense now I know it.
karnuvap ClausD4 months ago
EDC stands for Every Day Carry. It is often used for those little tool kit packs that clip to a belt and carry needle and thread, some matches, a blade of some sort, a pencil and paper, other tools and things that come in handy nearly every day.
Ham-made (author)  karnuvap4 months ago
Thanks for the quick response on your answer karnuvap!
Mr. Ham
jrm80694 months ago
Good idea, and easily adaptable to different tape measures, or even other tools. Thanks for sharing.
Ham-made (author)  jrm80694 months ago
Thanks jrm8069!
I've stuck these magnets to pretty much every tool that I own, including hammers and bladed tools, and they are an indispensably useful addition!
Mr. Ham
turbonegro4 months ago
Those old harddrive magnets are superb.
I destroy old drives for my company to make them completely unsalvagable (is there such a word ? i am Swedish).
I have a lot of magnets and find them really useful sad thing is they dont come like that anymore.
New hds and ssds are very boring in that sense.
Ham-made (author)  turbonegro4 months ago
Unrecoverable is perhaps the accurate term (but I understood!). I also use those magnets everywhere and have also found that the best ones come out of the oldest hard drives. For instance, old mechanical Macintosh drives have some of the thickest magnets I've found and require only a Phillips screwdriver to disassemble!
Mr. Ham
seamster4 months ago
I like it! I've also bounced around between different preferred sizes of measuring tapes, and eventually landed on 16' Stanley Powerlock, with the belt clip removed. It just feels right in my hand, and every other tape measure feels unnatural now.

Workshop geeks are we! :D
Ham-made (author)  seamster4 months ago
Hey seamster!
Classic choice! I've also removed the belt clip of my 16' Stanley Powerlock and replaced it with a neodymium magnet so that I can stick it to my toolbox stack, metal workbench, and now to my magnetic holster !
100%! :D
Mr. Ham