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Picture of Magnetic Spice Non-Rack

Do you like cooking? I keep finding new recipes online and think, I've got to try that! It calls for fennel seed? Oh, sure, I've got that. Probably. Somewhere. No doubt in the far reaches of the dreaded "spice cupboard". A five minute search maybe finds it. Maybe not. I discovered today I have three large containers of ground coriander. Does anyone need that much ground coriander?

So I resolved to somehow manage my spices. Unfortunately, I'm involved in like 17 other projects simultaneously, in varying staged of completeness. I needed a quick, easy solution. I think I found it. My fridge is right beside the spice cabinet. Magnets are very cheap - like $0.10 US. So just glue magnets on the back of my spice containers. Not for all of them, just to relieve congestion in the spice cupboard.

Step 1: Put Down Magnet

Picture of Put Down Magnet

Grab your spice jar. Grab a magnet. Place magnet on scrap of paper. I have used a post it. You might use an old envelope or a grocery store receipt. Do not use treasured family photos, they might get glue on them.

Lorddrake1 year ago

I was reading through this thinking it would be really cool to make a "C" shaped clip with a socket that the magnet would be attached in. then when the spice bottle is empty pop it out of the clip and replace with a full one. now i just need to make friends with somebody that has a 3D printer :)

mcarlson9 (author)  Lorddrake1 year ago

I bet you could do something similar with a thick rubber band (though it would be kind of ugly. Now if I was a smarter man, I would have glued the magnets to the side of the lids, so when the jar was empty, I could just unscrew it and screw on a new (lidless) jar.

magnets on the lid .. I think we have a winner

kbs22441 year ago

Could you not just put the magnet inside the jar?

mcarlson9 (author)  kbs22441 year ago

Interesting thought. I tried it but the magnet was not strong enough to keep the jar in place that way.

I know a good idea when I see it, and this is a good idea! Wow... How simple yet profoundly awesome. Well done