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Picture of Make Voice Controlled Light Bulb Using Relay and Evive

We’ve controlled lights with touch, we’ve controlled them with a Smartphone. How about controlling them with voice?

Presenting to you the voice-activated light bulb! This project is a smaller version of the bigger home lighting automation projects that is ideal for beginners who wish to make IoT projects and educators who wish to introduce IoT and home automation to their students.

To make this project, we’re going to use the evive IoT kit and code it using PictoBlox - a graphical programming software based on Scratch with advanced capabilities. You can download it from HERE.

Ready to automate light control? Ready. Set. Go!

Step 1: List of Supplies


  • evive
  • Relay
  • HC05 or HM10
  • Bulb
  • Bulb Holder
  • MDF Parts
  • Electric Wires
  • Jumper Cable
  • Nuts and Bolts


  • PictoBlox- Graphical Programming Software for Kids
  • Dabble- The Smartphone Application

Note: All the above hardware components can be found in evive IoT Kit. Also, you can use either HC05 or HM10 if you have installed Dabble in your Android phone. But you have to use HM10 if it is installed on an iOS device.