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Picture of Make Your Own Art Toy

This is part of an assignment for a art toy class that I did.

In the beginning we try to understand and define "Art Toys" or "Designer Toys" what is it, and how is it different from a traditional toy.

Then we watched this video by Paul Budnitz, the founder of Kidrobot.

Paul Budnitz talks about juxtaposition, appropriation, complexity, emotion, which are usually elements taken into consideration while designing a art toy.

Paul has a lesson which this video is part of on (not sponsored).

Step 1: Sketch

Picture of Sketch
Sketch 01.jpg
Sketch 02.JPG
Sketch 03.JPG

This project we use a pin up doll as the main body, sort of like using a blank such as Munny, Dunny from Kidrobot. So i started sketching with some simple out line of the doll.

The trick is to spend less time thinking, just draw what ever you feel like it could be, don't spend more than 1 minute on each drawings. Just have fun with it, you can add or cut away stuff, make pattern, whatever you can think of.

the dolls are available on amazon or crafting store.

zakbobdop2 months ago
The axe fitting onto the head is really satisfying :D