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Picture of Make your own Industrial Chandelier

You are tired of the light bulb hanging on its wire in the middle of your living room ? You are looking for a modern chandelier on a budget ? Stop looking, you are in the right place. In this Instructable I will show you how I made my own industrial style chandelier for half the price. By using pallet wood, this project cost me around 50€, but it could have been less if I hadn't felt for some nice but expensive sockets.

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

I began with the structure of the chandelier made of pallet wood. I took a pallet and dismantled it with a hammer and a crowbar as usual. Once I had several planks, I cut them to the desire length. For my project I chose to make a 35*60 cm structure, so I took 2cm off on each side (the thickness of the frame).
Then I cut the frame of the structure into pallet rafters, two 35 cm pieces and two 60 cm pieces. When I got the four pieces I cut all the extremities at a 45° angle and did a test fit.

dankozi7131 year ago

I like the time you took to make your own chandelier and the look of it is very nice! Good work.

I saw that you said the wire rope with a single point made it easy to level but how do you think chain would work?

rayp15111 year ago

That came out nice, I've used lights similar to yours myself. I like the look of them. Good job.

ToutEstDIY (author)  rayp15111 year ago

Thanks ! You're right, it looks really cool =)