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Picture of Make a Beer Can Cable Car

I made this model cable car out of beer cans as a souvenir of our recent holiday to Austria. It's made from aluminium cans cut, folded and riveted together, including photos of our friends looking out of the windows. Having recently become obsessed with these elegant vehicles I just had to make one!

Step 1: Gondola Style

Picture of Gondola Style

While in Zell am See we rode on cable cars every day, and were amazed by the variety of these unusual machines - some were small pods like a Jurassic Park Gyrosphere and others could fit up to forty people. The souvenir shop wanted £35 for their models (yikes) so I decided I'd make my own.

I got my first inspiration from the Modell Gondeln flickr site - they have excellent downloadable .pdfs of lots of different cable cars, for you to print & make a papercraft model. I chose one similar to the large ones we'd used and started by printing it on sturdy paper.

It wasn't exactly the same as the ones we'd been on however, so I made a few changes here and there to the design, cutting out the outline and windows with a craft knife.

NoahPlayz12 months ago

When I found this, I was expecting a beer can transfer station, for carrying full cans & bottles across distances. this is cool, but that ould be awesome!

MisterM (author)  NoahPlayz12 months ago

Ah yes now you're talking! That'd be a great smart home device, a little cablecar where beers leave their chilled depot in the kitchen and circulate around the lounge overhead every so often.

When I was in Nam (67-68) the gooks made houses out of beer cans, done the same way. Full size houses, where they lived in. Tin cans were plentiful, the weather was stinking hot & miserible and us GI's drank a lot of beer there.

attosa1 year ago

I like it! :)