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Picture of Make a Fun Paper Planes Launcher

Hi everyone!
In this ible I'l show you how to build a fun Paper Planes Launcher for free.

I build it in less than an hour and I used just materials that I had already at home as a strawberry box, two CDs, two little motors and four AA batteries.

If you want to have fun YOU HAVE TO build this cool Paper Planes Launcher.

VIDEO: in this video above you can see it working. I filmed it with both CD options. Unfortunately when I put the transparent CDs on, the batteries were a little low so it seems like they are less powerful, but trust me that they work at the same way.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools


- 1 strawberry wooden box

- 1 piece of wood (2cm x 4cm x 20cm)

- 2 CDs and a small piece of cardboard

- 2 motors (I took them by old Mini 4WD)

- 4 AA batteries

- 2 AA battery holders (0.14$)


- handsaw, file and sandpaper

- hot glue gun

- black spray paint (optional)

NebulaIX2 years ago

paper bullet shooter :D

giles2606 made it!3 years ago

This was great fun to make, and finally works very well - the trickiest part is attaching the cd's centrally to the motor spindles, eventually plenty of glue-gun helped :-)

Also, we added a push switch, used pairs of cd's stacked on eachotehr to make the propellign discks, and used the glue-gun to put a grippy edging on the cd's.

Great project!

manuelmasc (author)  giles26063 years ago

Woooow man!! awesome result!!!

thanks very much for sharing your result!

rohithr133 years ago


manuelmasc (author)  rohithr133 years ago


nax3 years ago

I might have to make one of these. I gave my little brother (actually he's 49, not all that little) a paper airplane remote control module for Christmas, but one of his arms is in worse shape than I thought, so he can't hold the control unit (smart phone) and throw a plane at the same time.

This might make flying things possible for him again.

geekster88 nax3 years ago

That's awesome, and good luck on making it for him! Hope his arm gets better!

manuelmasc (author)  nax3 years ago

yes it would be perfect!!

please share a photo of your result if you make it ;)

ramibatman3 years ago

XD i see better and not like that from the cost it's not really strong but good luke in the next try you need more power and good paper air planes that flies perfectelly

duurrk4 years ago

I'm going to make this very soon. Your attention to detail and well-organized presentation make this a very desirable project. Thanks for sharing!

manuelmasc (author)  duurrk4 years ago

P.S. Remember to post here a "i made it" photo;)

manuelmasc (author)  duurrk4 years ago

thank you for the appreciation! It's always a pleasure seeing that people love my work ;)

Do we really need 2 motors?

Motor mounted on first disc can drive the second disc through friction right?

manuelmasc (author)  mageshvadivelu4 years ago

yeah but this means half power, which means that it throws the airplane almost half distance far (or probably less). and the motor is in that way subjected to double work... it may overheat and burn. In other words...I suggest to use two motors ;)

so cool !
manuelmasc (author)  amin asghari mokh4 years ago

thank you!

kbbaktha4 years ago

Wonderful project to give it to children, who would have hours of fun.

Thanks for sharing

manuelmasc (author)  kbbaktha4 years ago

thank you for the appreciation

Nicely done. Wish I'd had this in University, for statistics lectures :)

manuelmasc (author)  boffincentral4 years ago

thank you! ahaha lol

勳伯4 years ago

Nice job!

manuelmasc (author)  Blaise_Gauba4 years ago


omikeo4 years ago

cool stuff thanks

manuelmasc (author)  omikeo4 years ago

thank you

yasko4 years ago

Awesome! I made a similar design from Sonic Dad, but used a large 6V battery to drive both motors. It kept them running at the same speed.

Word of warning though, don't let the motors run too long. Once the discs get up to speed, the motors will be running with virtually no load (the discs' momentum keeping them going). Once that happens, the resistance drops and current rises, causing the windings in the motors to overheat and possibly burning out. It happened to me on my maiden voyage after about 15 minutes of constant running. I installed a momentary switch so that you only ran them when you wanted to actually fly a plane.

Happy flying!

manuelmasc (author)  yasko4 years ago

Yeah! infact as i said in the last steps I'll add a switch to run motors just when trowing the planes. and in this way I'll save also power from batteries ;)

jeanniel14 years ago

Beats a rubber band pulled back from a slingshot! Love it! I voted for you for both!

manuelmasc (author)  jeanniel14 years ago


stannickel4 years ago


manuelmasc (author)  stannickel4 years ago


AndrewR94 years ago

You could use little sharp pieces of glass and have a lot more fun... MWAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH

manuelmasc (author)  AndrewR94 years ago

:O it's better to use paper plane i guess... ahah

nllommertnl4 years ago

a video of it launching?

manuelmasc (author)  nllommertnl4 years ago

Video added ;) Unfortunately it's raining from 3 days so I made a video indoor. in the future I'll probably post an outdoor video

Make a video of this! I'd love to see it in action!

manuelmasc (author)  BrownDogGadgets4 years ago

I made it! But I had problems uploading it! ;) in the next days I'll solve this "problem"

When in doubt, just upload one to youtube. I've had issues uploading things to instructables before. (And a video ALWAYS helps your chances n a contest.)

manuelmasc (author)  BrownDogGadgets4 years ago

Video added ;) Unfortunately it's raining from 3 days so I made a video indoor. in the future I'll probably post an outdoor video

seamster4 years ago

This is really clever!

I especially like the idea to use rubber bands around the CDs for grip. Nice work!

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