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Picture of Make a Leather Passport Wallet

In this instructable I will be teaching you how to make your very own leather passport wallet. This is a simple yet practical design which provides storage for your passport, two cards, and features an inner pocket for cash, receipts, or anything else you want to throw in it. This tutorial covers some of the basics of leather craft while adding some optional extra details which will lead to a more refined and polished looking final product. This is an excellent first project if you're new to working with leather and will leave you with the tools and skills required to continue improving your craft.

In this tutorial I will be showing the basics required for each different skill involved in making a wallet. I hope to inspire some new crafters to try their hand at leather work and I would love to see what you create so feel free to post your finished projects at the bottom!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials

All of the items listed above can be found at Tandy Leather and are just examples for each of the tools. Don't feel limited to these specific tools as any suitable replacement can also be used. This is a fairly extensive list of tools but they will all last for many years and will prove to be good investments if you plan to continue working with leather.

wrecks1357 days ago
Is the passport made to go entirely into the primary pocket or do you just slip the back page into the pocket so the passport as accessible?
Crd119 (author)  wrecks1356 days ago
It's made so that just the back page of the passport slips into the pocket. If you want the entire passport to fit add about 1cm to the height of the pattern.
davidninan8 days ago
Did you make this project with Pueblo leather?
Crd119 (author)  davidninan7 days ago
Yes I did, it's violet Pueblo. Gorgeous stuff!
jeanniel19 days ago
For the wooden burnisher - do you let it roll as you run it along the edge, or hold it still? What a beautiful instructible. Thank you!
Crd119 (author)  jeanniel18 days ago
Thank you! I don't roll the burnisher when I'm slicking the edge. You want to create a good amount of friction between the burnisher and the leather, so I believe rolling it would be less effective.
The accent stitiching is so slick! Well done!
Crd119 (author)  audreyobscura8 days ago
Thank you! I can't get enough of that purple thread!