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Picture of Make a quick and easy neck ruffle

I'm home visiting my family and my cousin asked me to join him at Dallas Pride. I didn't have any costume (I like dressing up for such occasions) so I had to quickly make something from the supplies I found in my sister's home.

It took maybe an hour to complete, so it was really quick to make once I figured out an easy production method.

I realize now how any unconventional material could be used to make this - origami paper squares, newspaper, leftover bits of fabric, flexible plastic.

Step 1: Make a quick folding template

Picture of Make a quick folding template

Cut a piece of cardstock to the exact dimension of your material. Then cut it in half so that one edge is aligned with the middle.

Fold it in quarters accordion style so that you have 2 peaks/1 valley.

Then cut out a chunk in the middle so that it's shaped like a C. The reason i did this was so that it wouldn't flatten the fold.

Place double-sided tape along the edge as shown in the picture. This is to grip the material so that it folds easily. You can "dirty" up the tape so that it doesn't stick too well - just enough to temporarily grab the material.

Very nicely done!
attosa3 months ago
Super cool. Props on having awesome eye lights ;)