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Anyone who has spent much time on gardening blogs or Youtube channels is likely familiar with the concept of a raised garden bed. The basic idea is that regardless of what your local soil is like where you want to grow, you can create a growing medium above the ground that is optimal for growing crops. In fact, if you get your soil composition right, you can do intensive square foot gardening, where you can have extremely high yields in relatively low space (see Mel Bartholomew's book on square foot gardening). One problem, however, is that someone just starting out gardening might not want to go to the expense involved in putting in place a raised bed garden. Indeed, the standard for a cheap raised bed has often been around $30. MIgardener, a leading gardening Youtuber lays out the plans for a "cheap" $30 raised bed in this video:

But I know we can do better. That is why I came up with a way to get a functioning raised bed for only $1.

In this project, we will build a 4ft x 4ft raised bed for $1 (plus some free local resources that are generally available).

Step 1: Get a Mulch Cloth From the Dollar Store

Picture of Get a Mulch Cloth From the Dollar Store

The one dollar we are going to spend on this project is for a simple 4ft x 8ft mulch cloth. I have found these at my local Dollar Tree.

BestGardenChannel (author) 6 months ago
Frankly, I do not know; however, I am sure that with multiple cloths you could find a way to make it hold. And technically, it starts as a 4 foot wide cloth, so if you layered several and neither cut nor fold, you could get as high as a 4 foot wall. But you instinct to be skeptical of the strength of the fabric is probably sound.
AzureOzma6 months ago
This may be the solution for my arthritic back and speaks to my budget!
I do have a question though. Have you ever tried to make it taller? I have plants that grow to about 6' and I want to make sure there is enough depth for the roots. I'm thinking about getting 2 of the mulch cloths and cutting them in half but not folding. Instead use the two layers as a 1' wall could I staple together the 2 halves for a 2' wall? Would the fabric be strong enough to hold the dirt?
Thanks! Nancy