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Picture of Make a Super PaperJet and fly over a 5-story building

The Super PaperJet is a paper airplane that can fly over a 5-story building. It's launched with a rubber band.

The construction is really simple, you just need:

- A sheet of paper (letter or A4 size)

- A knife and cutting board (or scissors)

- A rubber band

Let's get started!

Step 1: Cut the sheet of paper in two

Picture of Cut the sheet of paper in two

Start by folding the sheet of paper in half width-wise, and cut it in two pieces. We just need one of them.

Isaacwotwot made it!2 years ago

really cool! Teachers recommend it! Didn't turn out so well as yours but whatever!

AnmaS13 years ago

Nice fingers!!

That is good idea

Great Instrucable, just made this with my 7 yr old son. He loves it, too. We have to make more. First one is already on the roof. Ooops.

This has brought back memories of a slim and elegant hardback book I picked up at a car boot sale. Entitled "Principles of Aeronautics" it contained a selection of paper aeroplane patterns!

Ooooo, I may have read that. Did it feature the Klein-Fogelman Wing? THAT is an awesome design.
Can't give you a definitive answer to that as the book is packed away as we are moving house soon. I note that you use the word "read" so I doubt it is the same one. Mine has no words in it at all, just the patterns.
pmshah3 years ago

Nothing new here. I remember doing this very exact thing in my college days, some 55 years ago.

Good for you.

rpotts23 years ago
Nicely done! I thought I was the only person that made those little speeders...
jimbayes3 years ago

People can complain about the video, but they'll stop complaining once they've made this super sweet paperjet. You get two jets from one sheet of paper and it really does fly high and far. I'll be sharing this with my nieces & nephews.

fixfireleo3 years ago

nice but that appears to be a 4 story building.

fixfireleo3 years ago

nice but that appears to be a 4 story building.

A better video would be appreciated.

You can't follow it, either? I even tried going forward a few frames at a time. As soon as it leaves his hands, it's gone :(

Great instructable. Going to do this next time im at work and business is slow.

urisoto6133 years ago

Super flight, excellent!!!

Do they make people-strength rubber bands?

I was thinking of my Mother-in-Law, as she frequently forgets to bring her broom when visiting.

I didn't know my sister-in-law was married!

Wow, this is really well done. Your illustrations are clear and simple. I forwarded this to all my students who try to build paper airplanes in class.

If you weight the front of the plane with a paper clip it will go even further.

thanks its cool man

"НУ ТУПЫЫЕЕЕ" :) А ведь этим мы ещё в школе во ворпмена СССР страдали(только резинка была кусок рыболовного жгута).

AnnaM1313 years ago

realy cool, thanks!

Blackmumba made it!3 years ago

Ini percobaan kedua saya, sebelumnya gagal disaat folding ke 3. Hasilnya,pesawat ini sudah bisa terbang di dalam rumah dan menunggu hari sabtu untuk dicoba diluar rumah.

thatguy11 made it!4 years ago

flew over my house!!! AWESOME XD

Midnoclose4 years ago

i made this and it is awesome

jasemhi134 years ago

Did this with my 3 year old son, he loved it. The rubber band idea was new, so this added a layer to the project of making paper planes that we both enjoyed. Thanks for putting together.

show a video for proof

abusakthi4 years ago

That was really cool...i just return into my childhood days

Mine didn't turn out as nice as yours but still worked pretty well.
Christian M5 years ago
This guy is really good at this!
Nice work!
wthit565 years ago

Kinda wish there was a video. The gif could easily be a camera trick; the plane just disappears from one still to the next. Could you upload the original to youtube or something?

ishback (author)  wthit565 years ago

Here is the video, which we shot using my phone:

Even in slow motion it's difficult to recognize the plane, which gets blended in the bright sky. So I decided to make a gif instead which is more fun!

lshoff5 years ago

you should make an instructable on how to make moving pictures

ishback (author)  lshoff5 years ago

Hi Ishoff - I converted a video in a GIF using Photoshop's 'import video frames to layers' feature. I just found an instructable that shows how to do it:

You can control the timing of each frame and add text or graphics to any frame, as in the intro image of this instructable.

Also, here's a link for the same sort of thing in (free) GIMP. It works in Windows, Mac and Linux (which I use). There are a lot of guides, but this is the one I started with.

"... with which I started." -Sorry

dlindstrom5 years ago

Thanks for reminding me how much fun a sheet of paper and a rubber band can be!

wow what fun, I haven't made a paper airplane in 20 years. the simplest ideas that cost no money are always the best. I think we are going to have to have a space race today at the office. very nice Job, thank you

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