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When I was looking for instructions to build a scale model of the TARDIS, it was a bit difficult for me to find consistent dimensions for the parts. I ended up finding plans for a full size TARDIS and calculated the sizes for a 1/10th scale model. It ended up being about a foot tall. The plans I was working from were in metric, so it was easy to adjust to 1/10th scale. In this instructable I'll be listing the pieces in both metric (mm) and imperial measurements (inches). If you do need to adjust the measurements to a different scale size, I recommend adjusting the metric measurements.

I made this instructable with a lot of steps and a lot of pictures, trying to give plenty of detail for the process. I've also tried to group the steps into sections to make it easier for you to come back and resume where you left off. And remember, it's very important to refer to the pictures that I have included in the steps!

I have also made some videos showing the process, and I'll have links to those through out this instructable where each video is relevant. I have also added those videos to a YouTube Playlist, and if you would like to view that playlist you can view that here: Make a TARDIS Model. Each section of this instructable will also have a list of tools and parts that I used for that section.

Step 1: Cutting the Wood - Tools and Parts



  • Wood Sheet, 3/16" (5 mm) Thickness
serhardt5 months ago
Brilliant!!! Would be cool with a microcontroller for light / sound effects.
How Do You - DIY (author)  serhardt5 months ago
I agree! I'm working on another instructable with this model, adding LEDs to it. But I love your idea of adding sound effects too!
This is just so detailed and wellmade!
I was hoping it wasn't too much info. Thanks!