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so in this instructable, I am going to show you how to make a set of gravers with the template. From past 3-4 weeks, I am researching on engraving and I found myself so much attraction towards this work that I decided to step into this new kind of work. I saw many companies selling the set of gravers but overall in the end if you are going to use them then you definitely need to sharpen them again because their sharpness not going to last long because if you are a beginner then I think you are definitely going to break a lot of tip during your work and for that you need to sharpen that graver and there is no doubt that you are not getting the exact angle you need to grave the metal surface. so by considering this thing in my mind I decided to make a set of gravers completely out of scratch and decided to share my experience to other so that anyone who is fascinating about doing this new work can easily able to master this technique. This doesn't seem hard to make the graver shape but if you don't have power honing wheel then this will take a lot of elbow grease to make the set. I am also in one of them who don't have power honing wheel. Some of the things are easier for you to understand in the video part so I definitely recommend you to watch that as well and if you himself a master engraver saying this video on this instructable and found anything wrong then let me know in the comment section so that I am able to update that and everybody knows about that mistake. Other than that if you like this instructable then make sure to leave your valuable feedback in a comment section. I'm extremely happy to read your feedback.

These pictures are taken from my one plus mobile. From my past, I am using my mobile to record the video and to click pictures. I think I tried my best if you find any flaw then let me know I tried to perfect in my upcoming project.

Step 1: ​Material and Tool Used

Picture of ​Material and Tool Used

So before jumping to the building sections, I would like to tell you about the material generally used to make the gravers. If you want to make a set of graver then you definitely not going to use the normal carbon Steel. You need a material which is going to hold it edge for a long time. If you compare normal carbon steel to the high-speed Steel and pay some attention to the composition then you find that high-speed Steel has some different composition. It contains a different kind of element like chromium vanadium molybdenum tungsten so these kinds of material provide much resistance towards aberration so that the reasons why high-speed steel is preferred to make the gravers. Other than that you can use tungsten carbide blanks for making a set of the graver. The only downfall of carbide is that it is very brittle than high-speed Steel but on the other side it going to hold the edge for a longer time. Many master engravers told that if you are beginners in engraving then it's better to use high-speed Steel as a graver as compared to carbide because carbide is less forgiving. So father material you have only two options either to go with high speed steel or you can go with my case I go with both of the material to take a look that what amount of difference is in both the material and even if you were beginner in the engraving you will notice the difference between both the materials. And I found that difference during my first attempt at engraving. For the engraving surface I am using mild steel and the stool I am using is made up of carbide 90 degrees graver and during my first three-four lines I break the carbide graver 7 times and then I switch the graver to onglette graver which is made up of high-speed steel and also more forgiving towards the smaller corners. few hours I practice with the outlet graver to make myself comfortable with this new kind of work and once again some confidence I switch the graver bit to the carbide and succeeded as some extent even though I am still breaking the tip of the gravers but the number 7 which was in the first attempt decreases to 1 and I think with the passage of sometimes this number decreases and came down to 0.

Material used:-

1. Carbide blanks high-speed blanks

2. Diamond plate

3. Ceramic stone or Ruby stone for honing the graver.

4. 5 mm thick acrylic

5. 10 mm bolt and nut

6. ¾” diameter mild steel rod

7. M4 Allen bolt to hold the graver

8. M3 grub screw for alignment of the template

Tools Used:-

1. Scroll saw

2. Hacksaw

3. Centre punch

4. M2.5, M3, M8, M10 drill bit

5. M3, M4, M10 taps

6. Files

7. Needle rasp file set

8. Drill machine

9. Angle grinder

10. Foredom with rotary and hammer attachment

11. Diamond wheels

12. Diamond files.

giwangpvcarts3 months ago
Can you share the template directly so that I can copy and paste it as you do, thank you
YalcinDulger3 months ago
I appreciate your work,please could you mail me pdf of template too my email is

AMbros Custom (author)  YalcinDulger3 months ago
Check the video description
Thanks bro you are very kind...I checked the video and download files but I couldn't find printable version of template,please could you send me a pdf version? Im gonna try in my home because I dont have a lot of tool and experience like you
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leoneo24 months ago
Hi, im a begginer engraver and im having some trouble finding right angles to sharpen tools, please can you send me a pdf of sharpening templates , thank you
AMbros Custom (author)  leoneo23 months ago
Check the video description
raflito675 months ago
How can I get to PDF file
AMbros Custom (author)  raflito675 months ago
tell me your mail id, i send you pdf
Likewise could you send me a printable pdf of the sharpening templates? This is the best instructable I’ve seen in many years. Thank you so much.
AMbros Custom (author)  SkyL104 months ago
Sent you the file, hope you get it.
Please could u send me a PDF version of template
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Could you send me the pdf, thanks..
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Great idea and work !!!
AMbros Custom (author)  AnandM545 months ago
Thanks Dear:)