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Picture of Making a Shopper Bag

Today I'm gonna make a Garden Party st shopper bag

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Step 1: Sketch & Making a Pattern

Picture of Sketch & Making a Pattern
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It's helpful to draw the bag first to visualize

The bottom pattern determines the size of the bag

SILVASOAREES2 months ago
Very Good! Please, email pattern:
luxortwelve4 months ago
Hi, may I know what type of reinforcement are you using? Thank you
BOHLUX4 months ago
Please email pattern
hahnsatelier (author) 11 months ago

I originally sent a pattern via email, but there were a lot of people who said didn't want to write emails on public. I put a link in the description so that it can be downloaded immediately. It would be really awesome, if you click ♥ and subscribe when you download. Hope you enjoy it. =)
NickBray11 months ago

Always looked at these bags thinking thats a lot of work/complexed to make - this breakdown makes it so simple and easy to understand. Time to get the tools out :-)

On similar bags that we have bought, I have added a security feature to them, a simple cat bell attached to the 'push dot closure' with a bit of glue (on the inside), you can hear if anyone tries to open your bag, as sadly we are in a world of thieves.

hahnsatelier (author)  bionicbenjy1 year ago

Oh X-D ! What a good idea! I need it! and Thanks for watching my work! :)