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Picture of Making a Victorian Kitchen Cupboard Useful Again.

This Victorian Kitchen Cupboard sat in our shed all my life filled with junk. The drawers could only be opened with great effort.
At one point we sold it to an antique dealer who never showed up to take it away!
I finally decided to update it and make it look like it did in the 1890's. I don't care for the restoration philosophy of leaving it dirty and banged up. Don't care that some may say I ruined it value wise. Don't intend to sell it!
I wanted to put it back to the condition it was in when it was used daily by my family over 100 yrs ago. If they wanted it all banged up, why did they paint it over 10 times?

Step 1: Stripping Off All the Old Paint

Picture of Stripping Off All the Old Paint

Multiple coats of Citristrip was needed to get thru the 6 layers of paint. Then I hit 4 layers of milk paint. Very little removes that stuff! I did scrape down to see what the original colors were.

Nice looking piece and very helpful 'ible...thanks! And congrats on restoring and reusing a family treasure!

Beautiful restoration! Thanks for sharing!