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Grimm's Fairytale of Sleeping Beauty and the villainess, Maleficent was the perfect project to test out my new 3D printer! After seeing the Disney live action movie starring Angelina Jolie, I thought... "Hey, she's not that bad of a person" so let's make a costume showing her real side! As queen of the fairies, and her power over nature, I felt it more appropriate to make her skull cap less evil looking and more organic. I also thought her walking staff was a great opportunity to bring an egg design that could light up and show off her powers! If you study the movie you will find she has a variety of features - a number of rings (yes, the raven skull ring appears briefly) and her horns are a deep brownish/bronze - not black. So this costume is more true to the real maleficent as I saw her.

The costume consists of the following:

- Head piece with horns and detailed skull cap

- Neck Choker with feathers for a fluffy collar look

- Walking Staff that lights up Red, Green or Blue on command

- A Walking Staff activator Talon Ring

- A Raven's Skull Accent Ring with Purple LED Eyes That light up with a tilt switch.

  • However... the dress and cape are your choice!

Materials: (Electronics noted farther below)

Staff: Scrap wood easily ripped into strips and sanded. Wood Glue. Brad nails. Paper covering (wood glued strips). Jute twine. Hot melt glue. 1" x 1.5" pvc sheet 1/16th thick (Battery cover). 3D printed egg and 3D printed egg stem. Epoxy. Acrylic Paint - Brown, Black, Umber, Purple, Green.

Talon Ring: Sheet of copper, or brass (solder-able). Solder. Solder flux.

Skull Ring: 3D printed Skull, Hot melt glue, Liquid rubber electrical coating - Black. Black feathers.

Head Piece: 5 mm craft foam (Skull Cap). 2 mm Craft foam (Accents). Contact cement. PL400 Foam Adhesive (FOAM COMPATIBLE !!!). R5 Pink Insulation foam 2" thick. Hot Melt glue. Plastic Hair Headband (about 1" wide at top). 4 - #6 Screws 2" Long. 1/2" Wood Dowel 3" Long (4x). Acrylic Paint - Brown, Black, Umber, metallic bronze.

Choker: 15" Lace, 30" ribbon, Black feathers (2 types), hot melt glue, sewing machine / thread.


Staff: 2 - 10 mm RGB LEDs, 2 or 1 - 3Vdc 2032 Battery, Resistor ~ 25 - 30 ohms for 1 cell, or 50 hms for 6vdc (2 cells). Small piece circuit board or plastic. 2 - copper sheeting cut into disks for battery connections, wire, solder.

The LEDs are wired in parallel as shown in the figure. Assume they will draw 0.020 Amps each for maximum brightness over a 2 volt drop. I Designed the Stem to hold 2 - 3 vdc coin batteries, but when I added in the copper sheet connections, the tolerance got too tight and could only fit 1 battery in the stem. So either open up the slot in the 3D stem or get a thin connector and maybe holt melt glue it in for positive connection (see photo).

Raven Skull Ring: 2 - 10 mm purple LEDs, 1 - 3Vdc 2032 Battery, Resistor ~ 25 - 30 ohms, Tilt switch.

See the wiring diagram as they too are in parallel. The tilt switch basically causes the raven's eyes to light up and off as the wearer moves their hand. It adds to the wonder as to how it works and seems to be responding to the environment versus just boring blinking eyes.

Step 1: Make Some 3D Parts !!!

3D Print your parts.

I attached the files here and used PVA filament Translucent for the egg, silver for the stem. I used minimal fill percent (15%) to get some reflection inside and a heavier wall for rigidity. For the stem I used the same due to the diameter being so small. 3D printing has so many tunable variables for the object and desires of the designer so I'll let that up to you. Basically, standard settings should be just fine if you have someone else print it for you. Same is true for the Egg Stem, and the Raven's Skull.

The Stem is designed for the LED NEGATIVE to go up from the battery compartment into the egg, and the 3 color wires to come down through the oval chase hole and down to the ring switch on the staff. Then the return wire comes back up to the stem and makes contact at the BOTTOM of the battery compartment. (See stem Wiring Diagram and how the wires are chased). The stem is also hollow on the bottom so it can be fitted over the top of the staff. Just trim the diameter of the staff or dowel join it and epoxy it into place.

Color Changing Staff - The circuit for the egg LEDs is closed by the talon ring bridging the contacts of the circuit board that is mounted just within the bark of the staff vines. Maleficent can change the color by sliding her ring across different terminals and stating things that relate to love (Red), wealth (Green) or general (Blue) as she talks to people. If done with practice it is hard to tell how the staff is changing color. The contacts were made on a piece of circuit board and wire. You can use plastic with drilled holes as well. Anything to create a gap for each wire circuit will do. Then embed it into the bark. See the close up picture of the contacts.

Well, well, what a glittering assemblage. This is stunning! I love the movie, the character, Angelina and of course your costumes (incl. the knight) as well.You've combined so many different materials and work processes - that's remarkable.
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Kink Jarfold10 months ago
Maleficently done! --Kink--
Lorddrake10 months ago
amazing work. Nice attention to detail.