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Picture of Mario Mosaic Tabletop

First off, thanks for taking the time to check out my 'ible. The following will try to take you through the steps we took to make this Mario Mosaic Table.

Step 1: Destruction

Picture of Destruction

So we got this table for free from a friend in exchange for a dresser we didn't need. The table was heavy, sturdy, large, and it would serve it's purpose, but it was UGLY. I call it an old granny style tile top table. We were just covering it with table cloths to hide the ugly, but the table cloths kept getting pulled and were constantly slipping too far to one side or another, so we were always needing to fix it. We are a big board game family so we play games at this table often and it gets annoying dealing with wrinkles in the cloth as well.

So we decided to rip out the tile and replace it with something else. I started thinking about what we should do in it's place. We love anime, video games, and board games so I had to choose a character or theme for the table. Since it was tile, I was thinking along those lines, which made me think pixels, which of course led to Mario.

But first, we have to tear out the ugly to make room for the awesome. First we pulled off the trim, which got broken in the process so we will need to replace that later. We used a hammer and a scraper to pry up and remove the tile. Then used an orbital sander to sand it down and remove the excess glue. The sander couldn't quite remove all the glue so we bought a sheet of plywood cut to size and glued it on as a new top. Then added nails with a nail gun for solid hold.

dan30085 months ago
Nice build. Given me some inspiration for a similar project
ecsaul23 (author)  dan30085 months ago
Sweet! Happy to hear. Our next one is a set of tray tables with the starter Pokemon
dan3008 ecsaul235 months ago
Nice. I was just considering a panorama of pallet town.

Or maybe a panorama or hyrule... Of the possibilities
ecsaul23 (author)  dan30085 months ago
Do share if you make it! That would be sweet!
eliburke5 months ago
Looks very cool. For your edges I think you could try using continuous trim pieces and then engrave veneer strips to glue to the sides. Those would be easier to butt together without visible joints.
ecsaul23 (author)  eliburke5 months ago
Nice idea! We had some veneer too. Came with the machine. Good to know for future projects
Elaina M6 months ago
This is super cool and I'm sorry to hear of all the trouble the resin step gave you. I've been worried about trying my first "large scale" resin project, and I really appreciate that you shared some of the challenges you encountered!!! Strangely, hearing them and being able to prepare against it is more comforting than everyone who says " it was super easy and went exactly as expected!".
ecsaul23 (author)  Elaina M6 months ago
I hear ya! I would feel the same way. It does seem like everything out there is all about it being easy and going smoothly. I wish you luck when you decide to do a large scale resin project. Use more resin than you think( even though it hurts to waste so much liquid gold) and don't let any freaking bugs in!
seamster6 months ago

Fantastic work, and crazy commitment . . . 18k individual squares!??

Well done!! : D
ecsaul23 (author)  seamster6 months ago
Thanks! We had about 5 or 6 people working on it at one time one evening. It's good to have friends
That came out great and thanks for sharing all of your resin experiences; it made for an amusing and informative read :)
ecsaul23 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick6 months ago
I'm glad! Hopefully it saves someone else the headache!