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Picture of Mash Up Arduino Code Samples

This tutorial walks through the process of combining Arduino sample sketches to make a working project prototype. Developing the code for your project can be the most intimidating part, especially if you haven’t done it a thousand times already.

If you're a total Arduino newbie, try my free Arduino Class right here on Instructables.

Let's dive in!

Step 1: Define the Purpose

Picture of Define the Purpose

First, and this may seem obvious, but write out the main purpose of the project idea. If it has multiple functions, decide which features are needed versus those that would be nice but aren’t necessary at first. See also my previous tutorial about common Arduino mistakes including biting off more than you can chew. Keep it simple at first; you can always add to it later.

shawluke2 months ago
Very cool stuff! Thank for sharing especially the coding. Learned a lot from it.
alibanda983 months ago
thanks for sharing
Vidmate VLC
amachinetech4 months ago
What software did you use to edit your video? very clean transitions and easy to follow. well done
bekathwia (author)  amachinetech4 months ago
Final Cut Pro X, where I also did the green screen work. I recorded the screen video with a program called ScreenFlow. Glad you like it!
jamesteacher4 months ago
Great tutorial! I'm going to share this with my class tomorrow.
bekathwia (author)  jamesteacher4 months ago
Whoohoo, thanks!
MalihaKhan4 months ago
When i use to play with these things i always made a lots of mess but you have done it very professionally
bekathwia (author)  MalihaKhan4 months ago
fffuffff4 months ago
can I use another bord like raspberry pi?
bekathwia (author)  fffuffff4 months ago
Sure, the general tips here apply to all programming languages/hardware projects, though if you're using Python on a RasPi, the specific tips about "matching curly braces and missing semicolons" don't apply (Python's analogue is whitespace rules).
Techhlp4 months ago
Hi bekathwia, was thinking of a door authentication solution, ‘hobby’ for some time now. I have a membrane just like that except a 12 and not a 16 from a surplus store. Can I use that instead or do we need [A, B, C or D]?
bekathwia (author)  Techhlp4 months ago
Yep, you can use a 3x3 just as easily as a 4x4. Look at the keypad library, it comes with a sample for a 3x3.
mfratus20014 months ago
You have given some really good advice in the video, things I have had to learn (usually the hard way) over years of programming. Thank you!
bekathwia (author)  mfratus20014 months ago
Thank you!