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Step 6: Make Incremental Improvements

But just because your program compiles doesn’t mean it does exactly what you want yet. For instance I had mixed up my red and green LEDs when I first made this project.

There will undoubtedly be unexpected issues that will come up once you put all the elements together, and you actually see how it's working, you might change what you want your program to do. This is the nature of coding. You’ll want to keep track of your different iterations, so be smart about how you name your files-- I recommend using version numbers. When you get to a milestone, name it version 2, then save a version 3 and start making new changes.

After your base project is working, then it’s cool to go ahead and add any other features from your “nice to have” list or others that you brainstormed during the build.

Thanks for reading. You might also like my guide to 3 Beginner Arduino Mistakes. Don't forget to check out my free Instructables Arduino Class, IoT Class, and my other projects, too. I look forward to reading your feedback in the comments!

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