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Picture of Mechanical Remote Release for Ricoh GR II Digital

I really enjoy Ricoh`s GR 28mm lens since I used my first GR1 20 years ago. Now I was caught up by my past and bought the GR II digital.

For hiking I love simplicity, small and light equipment - the GR II is perfect for my purposes but the accessory from Ricoh is unfortunatly a bit clumsy and inconvenient in my eyes.

The CA-3 remote release is working with the USB cable only and is not really comfortable for me because I have problems to plug it in even at normal light conditions. The cable isn`t very flexible and each little movement can turn the light-weight camera away when I put it on natural plain surfaces without a tripod.

Maybe the GR remote app is able to release the camera but I still do not use a Smartphone.

That`s the reason I build this release adapter which weights less than the battery inside the CA-3 or rather complete with a 50cm release cable less than the USB cable alone.

Please take this instruction as raw guide - you can use any other accessory feet or flash bracket you have laying around and can fix it in the way you want.

You can modify the construction for any other camera with flash shoe as well.

Parts :

- accessory feet

- central screw 1/4"

- aluminium arm

- steel spring plate

- mechanical remote release

Tools :

- "normal" tools like hacksaw, file, drill & bits, pliers, sandpaper etc.

- M3 (metrical) thread cutter male & female

Step 1: Accessory / Flash Feet

Picture of Accessory / Flash Feet

Trim the height of your flash feet on around 9-10mm.

I used an old aluminium feet with 1/4" screw thread inside to mount the arm and spring plate on top with a 1/4" camera screw.

size of feet base plate : 15 x 18 x 1.5mm

cdavenport4 months ago
Genius! Why didn't I think of that?
BigAndRed4 months ago
Nice idea for older cameras without a cable release point but the electronic release is small and light weight. Have you tried to use the self timer to release instead?
Steloherd (author)  BigAndRed4 months ago
Yes, I am using the timer for static objects too but sometimes I have to release the camera directly without any delay (macro).
Well, the Ricoh remote is unfortunatly not small and light weight - it seems no other compatible available than the CA-3.
Im using a generic usb electronic cable release on my Sony ILCE6000, cost about $8 on ebay from China,
I also carry a small torch and closeup glasses so I can plug in. Eyes are getting old. The genuine Sony release was a ridiculous high price.
The mechanical device you made is something like 1 on a 1950'5 camera I had.
sony6000 cable release.jpg
Steloherd (author)  BigAndRed4 months ago
Unfortunatly there is no OEM remote for the GR on the market - the CA-3 has a PCB inside and needs a AAA battery !! As I wrote above, weight and space is important for me and my adapter weights less than the battery of the CA-3 :)
Yepp - same over here - it`s much easier for me to screw in the old release than fighting with the USB plug - so no need for a torch or magnifier :)