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Step 4: Skinning the PVC Pipe

Picture of Skinning the PVC Pipe

A PVC pipe will be used as the main support of the keyblade running from the handle to the tip of the weapon. Paint doesn't adhere very well to PVC so I decided that I would need to skin the pipe with 2mm HD-Foam. This also helped cover the 10mm HD-Foam that was built up and sanded down to give the keyblade a gradual curve from the handle to the key. A thin layer of Barge contact cement was applied to the pipe and 2mm HD-Foam, this was allowed to dry and then the foam was wrapped around the pipe. The additional foam flashing was cut off and sanded down using a Foredom rotary tool. A 15mm HD-Foam half round dowel was glued to the end of the curve to finish it off.

HD-Foam and HD-Foam dowels are available at